Established in 2005, QUAD-Lab (Quaternary Dating Laboratory) is an independent research laboratory funded by the Villum Foundation and hosted at Roskilde University, Denmark, within the Dept. of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change.

Using the latest technology, QUADLab's mission is to produce a robust chronological framework, through the dating of rocks and minerals, to enable a better understanding of critical events in the Earth's history. Much of the emphasis of this work is on the Quaternary period (the past 2 million years), a time of dramatic climate and evolutionary change, that includes the emergence of modern humankind.

Current research includes (i) helping to differentiate between different climate change scenarios by the study of ancient greenhouse warming events (ii) human evolution and global dispersal (iii) volcanic eruption related hazards, including tsunamis

The QUADLab research plan is being carried out under the leadership of Michael Storey in consultation with an international Advisory Panel.